Welcome to the MathDACC (Mathematics for Climate Change Detection and Attribution) school !

When: Sunday 24th of Sep- Friday 29th of Sep, 2017

Where: The location will be the CNRS center at Aussois


The objective of this data science school  is to train scientists (especially master and PhD students, postdocs) with a strong background in statistics/probability or climate studies, and who are interested by learning recent applied mathematical developpments geared towards climate changes studies. In particular,  the question of detecting and attributing causes in the context of our warming climate will be at the center of the courses that will encompass  dynamical systems, statistical parametric and non-parametric modeling, extreme value theory, causality theory.

This school encompasses different scientific communities (math/stat, climate dynamics, data science) and this interdisciplinary effort should allow to to train a new generation of researchers looking for a clear mathematical framework to handle detection and attribution questions.

The main contacts are Anne-Laure Fougeres and Philippe Naveau.

The school will propose a series of lectures by leading scientists in the fields of atmospheric sciences, statistics and mathematics. In the afternoons, the attendants will be divided into working groups in order to familiarize themselves with the tools and methodologies, and tackle a concrete project (e.g. the analysis of a recent climate extreme, the analysis of datasets…).